Siemens Energy is prepared to repair the Nord Stream issue, according to Russia's Gazprom

Reuters Russia's Gazprom MCX:GAZP claimed on Saturday that Siemens was prepared to repair the Nord Stream 1 pipeline but that there was no place available to do so. Siemens refuted this claim and stated that it had not been asked to perform the work.

The announcement from Gazprom came a day after it announced it would delay resuming gas supply to Germany through Nord Stream 1 until a turbine that it claimed had an oil leak was rectified. It stated that only a workshop equipped specifically for the repairs could be used.

The disruption of Nord Stream 1 and the creation of obstacles for ordinary maintenance work have been attributed to Western sanctions, according to the Kremlin. This assertion has been refuted by Western officials, and Siemens Energy asserted that sanctions do not restrict maintenance.

Gazprom has already reduced flows to just 20% of the pipeline's capacity before the most recent round of maintenance.

"According to the terms of the present contract, Siemens is participating in the repair work, identifying problems, and is prepared to address the oil leaks. There is just nowhere to perform the repair "On Saturday, Gazprom sent a statement on its Telegram channel.

The task had not been contracted to Siemens Energy, but it was available, and it added that the leak that Gazprom had reported would not typically impact the operation of a turbine and could be patched up on the spot.

Despite this, a business representative said, "We have already stressed multiple times that there are enough more turbines available in the Portovaya compressor station for Nord Stream 1 to operate.

Early on Saturday morning, flows through Nord Stream 1 were scheduled to start up again. But on Friday, Gazprom shared a picture of what it claimed was an oil spill on a piece of Nord Stream 1 equipment, hours before it was scheduled to begin pumping gas.

On Friday, Siemens Energy, which provides and maintains the machinery at the Portovaya compressor station of Nord Stream 1, stated that the leak did not represent a technical justification for stopping gas flows.

In response to the consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Europe has accused Russia of using gas supplies as a weapon in what Moscow has referred to as a "economic war" with the West.

When asked about the suspension on Saturday, Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni stated that while the European Union anticipates that Russia will uphold the energy agreements it has made, Moscow would be held accountable if it does not.

Although the country's gas supply is now guaranteed, the German network authority noted that the situation was tense and future worsening could not be ruled out.

The Federal Network Agency stated in its daily gas situation report that "the problems cited by the Russian side are not a technical justification for the cessation of operations.

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